Full turnkey solutions for power generation and supply

Full Turnkey Power Solutions

We deliver a total power solution from design, supply, and delivery, to installation, commissioning, integrated system testing, through to whole-of-life maintenance support.

Technical support personell

Technical Support

Our experienced technical support engineers are available to answer any technical queries about our products and services that you may have. We provide extensive design support to many consulting engineers.

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On-Site Service Support

Our experienced service engineers are factory trained and fully qualified to provide comprehensive service and maintenance support for our full power solutions offering.

Our aftersales support team provide 24/7 onsite service support for all our service agreement customers. This service ensures minimum downtime should your equipment encounter operational difficulties.

FG Wilson on-site service support

Product Training

Our staff receive extensive product training and are technically qualified to support our full product range. We also offer product training to power system operators either at our premises or at client sites. Knowing how your system works is key to ensuring reliable and safe operation.

Get in touch if you are looking to be trained on any of our products.

We provide a range of maintenance agreements for your power solution

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Maintenance Agreements

We provide a range of maintenance agreements to support your generator set installation. From fuel management to regular service visits, we will ensure your generator set always performs to its optimum level and is always ready when you need it.

Benefits of a Maintenance Agreement

A Maintenance Agreement ensures maximum availability, optimum performance and minimum downtime.

Contact us for more information on Service Contracts from FG Wilson Engineering (Dublin) Ltd.

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Generator Set Maintenance Agreements

Our Maintenance Agreements mean much more than changing oil and filters. We have maintenance protocols and systematic checklists tailored specifically to your generator set and its use. With the help of our computerised fault-tracking system we can quickly and accurately identify any potential problem.

We analyse inspection results in the maintenance report along with recommendations on repairs and security measures and, if required schedule a convenient repeat visit date.

UPS Maintenance Agreements

Because your power supply must always be available our Maintenance Agreements are designed to identify potential problems before they can develop and become a threat to your critical loads. Early fault detection means fewer repairs and less unscheduled downtime.

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