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Please find below all of our Technical Papers.

Basic Theory

Technical Papers
 Generator Set Basics.pdf
 Generator Set Balanced And Unbalanced Loads.pdf
 Generator Set Engine And Alternator Parameters.pdf
 Generator Set Environmental Conditions.pdf
 Generator Set Transients.pdf
 Generator Set Neutral Earthing.pdf
 Generator Set Parameters.pdf
 Generator Set UPS And Rectifiers.pdf
 Generator Set UPS Sizing.pdf


Technical Papers
 Generator Set Light Load Running.pdf
 Generator Set Motor Starting.pdf
 Generator Set Power Factor Capacitors.pdf

Mains Failure

Technical Papers
 Generator Set Mains Failure Operation.pdf


Technical Papers
 Generator Set Automatic Synchronising And Paralleling.pdf
 Generator Set Excitation Changes While In Parallel With An Infinite Grid.pdf
 Generator Set Excitation Scenarios While In Parallel With An Infinite Grid.pdf
 Generator Set Load Sharing Of Paralleled Generators.pdf
 Generator Set Protection When In Parallel With The Mains.pdf
 Generator Set Synchronising And Paralleling.pdf
 Generator Set Synchronising With And Running In Parallel With A Supply Utility.pdf

Power Factor

Technical Papers
 Generator Set Power Factor Explained.pdf

Capability Curve

Technical Papers
 Generator Set Capability Curve Vectors Colour A.pdf


Technical Papers
 Generator Set ISO 8528 Power Ratings Explained.pdf
 Generator Set ISO 8528-1 2005 - Definition Of Power Ratings.pdf
 Generator Set ISO 8528-5 2005 - Operating Limits.pdf

Environmental Conditions

Technical Papers
 Generator Set Environmental Conditions.pdf

Exhaust Emissions

Technical Papers
 Generator Set Exhaust Emission Legislation.pdf